- with just one hand we can travel far together, one life sharing in love. I will hold you forever,. Yes, i'll love you with all my heart. -

  • Good thing the fog is already starting to subside for the day, (at dobbie’s crib)

  • We finished the job early so it’s time to reflect . ツ (at cultus lake)

  • more of Kelowna ★★★★★✔ツ (at Kelowna City Park Beach)

  • So I’m in Kelowna #nofilter #downtown #lake #stressfree #NotoReality (at Downtown Kelowna)

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  • Hot cakes by ate Anne!!!! (at Maasin’s Hub)

  • Out of all the good books i can read, I chose this! I must be crazy. (at Dobbie’s Crib)

  • Trying out the 3min curry with @gelaine using a wooden spoon for lunch (at Dobbie’s Crib)

  • I have already made tons of music videos inside my head while listening to these good music. (at inside my head)

  • Dayoff. (at Chilliwack, British Columbia)

  • Let FATE!

    if it was the right time, everything should have fallen to the right places and there will be no “what ifs” whatsoever. Feelings will be there, and no matter how overwhelming, you won’t be hesitating and to think again will be out of the question. otherwise, it wouldn’t be that perfect thing one has always have dreamed of.

    Let Fate. Be you. Sacrifice if needed, but do not, if your guts tell you that regret will be on the way. be you. be happy :)