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- with just one hand we can travel far together, one life sharing in love. I will hold you forever,. Yes, i'll love you with all my heart. -

  • Dayoff. (at Chilliwack, British Columbia)

  • Let FATE!

    if it was the right time, everything should have fallen to the right places and there will be no “what ifs” whatsoever. Feelings will be there, and no matter how overwhelming, you won’t be hesitating and to think again will be out of the question. otherwise, it wouldn’t be that perfect thing one has always have dreamed of.

    Let Fate. Be you. Sacrifice if needed, but do not, if your guts tell you that regret will be on the way. be you. be happy :)

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  • My requested bday gift from #brotha : #Finished #theTop #tothePeak (at Abby Grind)

  • "Think globally, act locally."
    Paul McCartney
  • Gwapo kaayu uii. Makaluya ang musckles

  • grlfwnd:


    I first met you when we were still in High school. And though we studied at different schools, we managed to know each other, because you came and approached me the first time. 

    The school where you studied was so close by where I lived, and your house was along close where I studied…. Since I was a child, I really liked walking and strolling around, and my house was just around a 10 min walk from where I take my classes. So every day, after class I walk home. And almost everyday then, we cross paths. I always have noticed you across the road walking with your friends. And I always have noticed you smile at me back then. Then one time, you were with your friends, heading home, you suddenly crossed the road, approached me with a smile, greeted with “hi”, then asked me my name. And there, we first met. We were probably around our sophomore or junior years by that time.

    Since then, You marked something special to me. Secretly, You were my crush. You gave me goosebumps! You were so cute that time, You looked like a star, a celebrity and in my eyes, you looked like someone, a dancer/host/actor on a show I used to watch.

    then when I was in 3rd yr in high school, I had my  first Bicycle, so every afternoon I bike around the places close to where I live. Across my house, was the school where you went . That school had large grounds for athletic meets, jogging, and for other various sports, so oftentimes, I do bike there too. . Then at one time, I saw you… And since then, I have often liked too bike around there just hoping to see you.

    Time passed and we graduated high school, I thought I’d never see you again. Then, my best friend and I decided to join the Youth group Ministry in our chapel, and there, I saw you once again. I actually did not expect meeting you there. And then you told me you were one of the catechists teaching the kids there. and by that, we worked together…until we both went to college and separated paths once again.

    After years of no contact, Unexpectedly, we met, contacted through social medias and exchanged numbers! (hmm, I guess I really did made effort by that time!ha ha) You got me all so excited at that time. But unfortunately, time wasn’t in our favor. I can’t stay any longer than 3 months close to you and had to fly back half way across the globe. 

    I flew back here in my homeland on a purpose that was needed for a brighter future, and you have understood that purpose. You helped me and supported me in ways you knew, and you only  asked for a small amount of my time. You did your best, And if there’s only a chance, I’ll tell you, “those were one of the best 18 hours of my life…” 

    You opened up yourself and told me everything you wanted to say. Thank you for giving me your time. Rain or shine , we were together, thank you for being with me. Thanks for telling me everything. And now, just now, I just have realized … That time you confessed. You confessed how you felt for me . But I can no longer remember how I felt or reacted that moment. I can no longer tell. And I guess that’s how I missed it. That’s probably how I missed you. I knew you were sincere even to that last day I stayed . You met me at the airport even if you were working that night, i knew what you felt, but I was numb. And I flew away.

    I remember we still tried to contact each other for a couple few months more after I flew away til you one day you told me, it won’t work then after a few months more, I’ve hear, you’re doing to be a dad soon and you are proud of it. I was hurt but happy for you. I’m happy for you and I’ll always do.  

    I know years have passed since we last met, but so to this day. I’ll share it you what I wanted to say. I know it’s already too late but I’m not expecting much. I won’t even wish for you to ever find this blog, I just wanted to share. I can’t remember if i have told you this before but here it goes, " I like you. and I have liked you so much since the first time you came to me… and have liked you even when fate played on us both, even more at times we were brought together… and even that day we parted ways. Even to this day. But I no longer yearn for you. Yet I will always like you. Forever."

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  • iamepic:

    Mangyari lamang ay tumayo
    Ang mga nagmamahal
    Nang makita ng lahat
    Ang kagandahan ng mukha ng pag-ibig
    Ipamalas ang tamis
    Ng malalim na pagkakaunawaan
    Sa mga Malabo ang paningin

    Mangyari lamang ay tumayo rin
    Ang mga nagmahal at nasawi
    Nang makita ng lahat
    Ang mga sugat ng isang bayani

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